Company News

China trip: September 2011 -- Our Manufacturing Engineer has returned from China trip!  Still feeling under the weather (was it the fish? or the water?).  Mark audited 12 diverse suppliers whose expertise included stamping, machining, casting, and forgings.  All were ISO certified and 9 of the 12 passed Myco's stringent supplier requirements.  Mark also met with about 25 suppliers one on one with the goal of opening a dialogue and establishing a relationship.  Our current partner facilities were also audited and approved. 

Novi, Mi, September 2011 -- Myco Enterprises, Inc. is pleased to announce it’s continued pursuit of quality management and operation with it’s recent audit and re registration of ISO 9001:2008. We began our quest for a quality management system in 1994, achieved ISO 9000 and now we’re at the ISO 9001:2008 level states Frank Firek, President, Myco Enterprises, Inc. “We want our customers and suppliers to know we are ahead of the curve and positioned to continue to support them”.

Novi, MI, November 2010 – Myco Enterprises completes it’s 17th year of successful business.