Myco’s foundation is built on a commitment to quality, customer service and continuous improvement.  These core values are what allow Myco to compete in the international marketplace.  Clear, concise quality standards and practices are imperative for success.  Myco has implemented the quality standards and practices required to achieve world class quality levels for PPM and on time delivery.  Myco has continuously achieved and maintained registration of industry accepted third party certifications, from QS-9000 in 1997 to the current ISO 9001-2008 certification.


Another core value is “Creating Our Own Future.”  Being proactive has resulted in a finely tuned quality process which identifies and addresses quality issues before reaching the customer’s floor.  Myco Enterprises has also developed a policy to ensure that all sub-suppliers fully accept the competitive goals, quality requirements, and continuous improvement objectives needed to be world class in quality and delivery.


Myco is constantly working to develop a network of suppliers who are willing to provide a product of the best quality at a competitive price, and deliver them on time, every time.  Myco forms partnerships with like-minded suppliers, who can be depended upon to communicate and support all stages during the life of a product.  By forming long term partnerships with suppliers who share this vision, Myco will continue to be successful and maintain our position as a leader in our market place.


Another core value Myco was built on is integrity.  Myco believes that transparency with the suppliers and customers is critical for a long term business partnership.  By identifying issues and openly dealing with them, problem resolutions are completed quicker and with less potential monetary risk.